Interview With 'Haan Karni' Singer: SID-K

Interview With 'Haan Karni' Singer: SID-K

SID-K is one of the most prominent and upcoming Punjabi waves in the country. He was loved for his hit release 'Haan Karni' with T-Series which has more than a million views along with the latest release ‘Mitran Da Naa Chaldae’ has made Sid K & We 3 a hit start to this year. Having done 250+ shows in a short span, they know the nerve of the audience so well. 
Sid K is an experience that grabs you by your wrist and gets all your moves out.


1. So please tell our readers more about your project and your whole musical journey?
“The journey started in the UK after I went there for my higher studies and it didn’t take much time for me to switch to music totally. Once, I met a music producer there through my cousin and realised that music was something that I could actually base my universe on. So, from learning music production from Manchester University and coming back to India and teaming up with Anish & Dhruv to eventually make it ‘We Three’ has been a wonderful journey so far and all we can say is that we have just started.” 


2. What are your favourite music genre and favourite music artists?

I guess the best part about We Three is that we individually have such a diverse taste in music and totally different from each other's favourite artists and genres that it creates a perfect blend of all kinds, which our music speaks for itself. But all three of us do connect on the R&B side of it more than anything else and artists from the Early 2000’s like Justin Timberlake, Usher, Jay Sean & the whole Rishi Rich Project vibe is something we absolutely love. 


3. Why were you always drawn towards music?

Well, I come from a family where music was always playing in every corner of the house one way or the other as both my parents have always been music lovers & great listeners so it was always there in the subconscious mind. As a fact, I even sleep with music on. 


4. What do you like to do in your free time?

In our free time, we usually like to explore the foodie side of ours as all three of us are full-on foodies.


5. Since you perform live also, what has been the craziest experience ever?
Though every stage and set of audience have their own charm and vibe, I can recall a couple of incidents that were absolutely crazy and something we would always remember. One of them was from our show at Guru Gobind Singh College’s Fest in Delhi. It was right before the Covid first wave and we were performing for this amazing crowd of around 7000 – 8000 students singing and dancing with us and I remember a couple of years back we were in the same venue but on the audience side. It was really special. Apart from that, there was a very high-end corporate event where we were performing more of the English R&B Songs as we were told to keep it very ‘Classy’ as their CEO didn’t like the whole dancing vibe in their usual set of events but 1 hour down the line the employees of that firm got to see their CEO dancing for the very first time in years. It felt really special to be able to do something like that. 


6. You have shot many music videos, how is that experience?

We definitely find the music video shoot experience way too intriguing as we are always ideating on most of the scripting and screenplay ourselves. We try to always keep that real essence and the same thought process of what we made the audio with. If we can actually vibe and feel on that song naturally in that shoot, it will definitely get the audience going in the direction you would want them to with your product. That’s something we really believe in. 


7. We know you have dropped a new album, tell us more about it?
Yes, ‘Mumbai to Mohali – EP’ just came out and it’s a project we were waiting to share with you all for a while now as it actually just a perfect blend of the Sounds of Bollywood & the Urban Punjab which actually resonates the kind of music we have been brought up listening to. So again, something that came out naturally of us. 


8. Which is your favourite song in the album?
That’s like asking a parent to choose between their kids as per their preferences but the whole idea of releasing this EP was that we couldn’t decide between these tracks on which should release as a single first but then we thought why not the EP itself. 


9. Tell us about the creative process that goes into making an album?
It’s all about getting into that zone. Sometimes we get through 5-6 songs and reject them if it does not resonate with our vibe. We usually start the process with a theme and a vision and then start one song at a time. We go via the conventional approach of penning down the lyrics first and then building a composition around it and then eventually layering it until it sounds like a banger!

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10. What are your upcoming projects, live shows etc.?
We are coming up with a fresh series of original tracks. The first one in line is a track called NEED. 2022 is going to be a great year for fresh sounds and we intend to capitalise on that. WeThree have a lot of surprises in store! We start shooting for NEED this month, it’s going to be one of our biggest releases yet!


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