Movie Review: 83

Movie Review: 83

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Type: Biography, Sport, Drama
Release Year: 2021
Cast: Ranveer Singh, Saqib Saleem, Hardy Sandhu
Director: Kabir Khan
Duration: 2 hrs 42 mins


The movie is based on the events of the 1983 Cricket World Cup, in which India emerged as the victor under Kapil Dev’s captaincy, despite the entire world thinking that India is not the probable champion. The Indian Cricket Team goes against all odds and fights to the end to prove its place in the cricketing world.

Highlights (Disclaimer: Spoilers Ahead)

The movie begins with the Indian Cricket Team arriving in London, and are received there, by their captain, Kapil Dev. The movie progresses as India has to play 4 warm-up matches, but loses in 3 of them, giving rise to the thought that India is probably not the best team among the lot. However, in a press conference, Kapil Dev says that Team India is there for the win, as they have an upcoming match against the defending champions, West Indies. Through determination and a zeal to win, India wins the match against West Indies and prove their mettle. India wins the next match as well, against Zimbabwe.

But, it loses the next two matches to Australia and West Indies but advances to the semi-final by winning another match, with Kapil Dev creating a world record. In between all of the matches, glimpses of the Indian team having fun are shown, and the teammates enjoy each other’s company. In the semi-finals and finals, the resolve of the Indian team is shown with their dedication and brilliant play. The team uses various methods to outplay their opponents and wins the semi-finals. 

Meanwhile, in India, communal violence occurs in Nawabpur, a village. To keep the communal violence in check, the then prime minister Indira Gandhi asks the World Cup to be celebrated as a festival so that Indians become united in the name of cricket. The plan is successful, and as India plays against West Indies in the final, all communities of the country unite and celebrate. The movie brilliantly captures the emotions felt by every Indian during the World Cup and has brilliant direction.


The acting done by each of the cast members is praiseworthy. None of them has overdone it, and there is just the right mixture of expressions and sentimentality. Ranveer Singh should be particularly praised for his portrayal as Kapil Dev. Moreover, the soundtrack of the movie does not fail to give one goosebump, and it brings back true nostalgia for our elders. Overall, an exciting watch that has a storyline that keeps you on the edge, 83 is one of the best movies in a while!


The movie consists of cliche fans who experience a change of heart after seeing the Indian team win matches. With a conventional narrative in ‘Bollywood-style’, 83 fails to bring something new to the table. It does have an exciting storyline, but the drama in the movie is ‘a bit exaggerated’. It is a cricket fans paradise but the people not into sports might find the matches too boring. 


83 works to bring tears and nostalgia to the people who have lived through the 1983 World Cup and is an exciting watch that will keep you on the edge of your seats.

Ratings: 4/5


By Mayank Rastogi (Suggest Nest)

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