Movie Review: Spiderman: No Way Home

Movie Review: Spiderman: No Way Home

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Type: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Release Year: 2021
Cast: Tom Holland, Zendaya, Marisa Tomei
Director: Jon Watts
Duration: 2 hrs 28 mins


The movie follows the events of Far From Home, where Spiderman’s identity as Peter Parker is exposed by Mysterio. This leads to Peter’s personal life turning upside down, as everyone in the world now knows his identity. He approaches Dr Strange for fixing this situation using spells, but the spell goes wrong and foes from other universes begin to appear. Peter now has to fight against more enemies than ever and find a way to conceal his identity as well, all while juggling between his personal and superhero life.


The movie catches up with the events of its predecessor, and we see Peter Parker dodging the media and citizens of New York as they now know who he is. Now that Peter Parker’s identity as Spiderman is exposed, his close friends and loved ones are in danger as well. Parker’s personal life is troubled by the attention he attracts, and the lives of his friends are impacted by it as well.

In an attempt to set everything right, Parker visits Dr Strange and asks him to cast a spell that makes everyone forget who he is. But due to his constantly changing requirements, the spell goes awfully wrong, and foes who know that Peter Parker is Spiderman come looking for him. This is where the movie unofficially starts when Peter and Dr Strange capture the different villains but an argument between them leads Peter to follow a different path than Strange.

Peter tries to make everything right yet again, and this leads to consequences he least expected. Post-interval, the movie is full of twists, well-executed action sequences and unexpected characters.


Spiderman: No Way Home is one of the best Spiderman Marvel has produced in a while. It delves deeper into Peter Parker’s intricacies and personality and shows his transition as a mature adult. Tom Holland’s acting in this movie is better than its predecessors, and he steals the show with his expressions, and deliverance of dialogues.

Apart from Holland’s acting, the twists and unexpected returns of some characters deserve all the recognition that is possible. The movie reminds us of our childhood days, with classic villains and their same-as-ever evil objectives. But, the movie is special for something else, and that should remain a secret for the audience that hasn’t watched it yet.


From my viewpoint, there are no negatives to this movie. It might contain scenes that are cliche, but those cliches are swoon-worthy and excellently presented. The movie did suggest some vague concepts, but Marvel fans understood them readily!


Overall, one of the best Marvel superhero movies. Spiderman was, and always will be one of the most loved characters out there. Marvel did a fantastic job in bringing elements from different universes and combining them to create something new. And as always, the post-credits scenes will win your hearts! A must watch movie if you’re a diehard Marvel fan!

Ratings: 4.5/5


By Mayank Rastogi (Suggest Nest)


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