Series Review: Money Heist Season 5 (Volume 1)

Series Review: Money Heist Season 5 (Volume 1)

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No. of Seasons: 5 ( 36 episodes)
Duration: 45 mins
Original Release: 2017 - present
Cast: Úrsula Corberó, Álvaro Morte
Genre: Action, Crime, Mystery
Where To Watch: Netflix


This series was formerly known as La Casa Da Papel, the storyline is centred around a group of 8 individuals with a criminal background with various talents and skills who under the leadership of the criminal mastermind, ‘The Professor’ undertake the task to pull off the biggest heist in history. The series though is primarily in Spanish has managed to keep the audience hooked to its unique storyline, characterisation and offers an adrenaline-pumping thrill ride.


After successfully escaping the Royal Mint of Spain, all the team members and Professor enjoy a brief period of celebration. Each teammate is on their holiday. While Tokyo and Rio are busy vacationing in Panama, the rest of the members are spending time in Indonesia. But soon everyone is brought together for an exciting second heist. This time a tougher and bigger heist than ever. Professor draws a plan to heist the Bank of Spain which contains gold worth millions of dollars.

Everything is planned and the team is successful in entering the Bank and taking dozens of hostages. The other team members try to melt the gold through a concrete plan of action. But the frustrated local authority brings the army to evacuate all the hostages and execute the robbers. At the other end, the Professor is caught red-handed by former police officer Alicia Sierra. She captures him at his safe house at gunpoint.

The whole plan seems to be crumbling out with chaos and ruckus everywhere for the Professor and his team. The chief negotiator brings special forces to barge in instead of the army. The special forces are successful in entering the bank and they create another huge problem for the team who is already dealing with a lot. The constant war-like situation arises between the team and the members of special forces. Will the team and Professor turn the tables and get out successfully or will they succumb at the hands of the authorities?


Money Heist manages in keeping the element of thrill alive so far. It is quite amusing for a show that has been going on for so long, to keep that element going. That is why the show is regarded as one of the best in the world.

The characters in the show are just too good with a brilliant script. The actors possessing those characters add justice to the script and writers. It is brilliant how Álvaro Morte carries the character of the Professor. The cast is one of the brightest aspects of the show.

The music and the pace is perfect in the show especially in the first volume of the fifth season. Not even for a second does it feel boring watching the show. It is primarily because of the fast pace of the series.


The first volume of the fifth season of Money Heist concentrates more on the past and flashbacks rather than the present. However, the constant flashback involving Berlin makes sense. But the episodes are just needlessly stretched with flashbacks revolving around Nairobi, Tokyo and Denver.


Money Heist retains its legacy in the fifth season with the thriller and fast-paced episodes but this season will emotionally drain you out due to certain unfortunate events.

Rating - 4/5


By Akash Vaishnav (Suggest Nest)


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