Review: Ragnarok

Review: Ragnarok

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Type: Drama, Mystery, Fantasy
No. of Seasons: 2 (12 episodes)
Duration: 45 mins
Original Release: 2020 - present
Cast: David Stakston, Herman Tømmeraas



The series is based in Edda, Norway which is battling climate change and its disastrous effects. Those responsible for it are the Jutul family and their factories in the town. The Jutuls are the Giants from the Nordic Mythology who are the evil forces. Magne, a teenager posing with enormous strength, is an embodiment of Thor. The show is a unique blend of the climate crisis and Nordic Mythology.


At the beginning of the first season, Magne with his mother and brother returns to the Norwegian town of Edda after more than a decade. Magne feels in discord with himself upon return. He is blessed by an old lady after which he becomes an embodiment of Thor from the Nordic Mythology. As they settle in the town, Magne loses his best friend Isolde, a student climate activist who was investigating the town's prominent family Jutul and their factories' toxic discharge into the freshwater. Jutuls are the four giants from Nordic mythology. As the journey pans out, Magne develops enormous power for a showdown against the antagonist Vidar. A battle takes place between both in which no one is immensely hurt. 

In the second season, Magne is introduced to more characters from Nordic Mythology to help him take down the Jutuls. Magne's brother Laurits is slowly brought into the picture with the revelation of him being half Giant and half God. The investigation finds the Jutuls responsible for the toxic elements released in the freshwater streams of Edda. With everything going against them, the Jutuls are more hungry to ruthlessly destroy Magne and his family.


The showmakers have incredibly shown the mix of the climate crisis and Nordic mythology on the small screen. It is important that more and more people become aware of the drastic effects of climate change and act responsibly to protect it. The show has done a great job in educating its viewers about the same. The show leaves no stone unturned in challenging the patriarchy while bringing in sensitive topics like gender equality, sexuality and women empowerment.

The fascinating and intriguing characters like that of Magne, Vidar, Laurits etc are so brilliantly portrayed and played by the individuals. Their great work on the screen adds a cherry on the top for the beautiful cake that is the Ragnarok series. Visually the series is very appealing and have employed great CGI effects in presenting the same. 


Not many negative points can be shunted towards this beautiful show but the Ragnarok Series only has six episodes per season with a total of only twelve episodes in two seasons which is a very stark figure in the world of web series. The show that holds enormous potential and popularity all over the globe cannot just have six episodes for a season. That's just too low. 

While the series is set around Magne, there are other important characters as well, such as Laurits. Though little to no screen time was given to the character of Laurits in season one, season two was much better in terms of building up his character and portraying his importance in Norse mythology. Let's hope the writers prepare Laurits and other characters for more in the next season.


Ragnarok has nearly all aspects ticked for a coming of age show. With good intensity and buildup, this show is a must-watch for everyone especially teenagers.


Our rating for the show is 4/5


By Akash Vaishnav (Suggest Nest)


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