Movie Review: Bhoot Police

Movie Review: Bhoot Police

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Type: Comedy, Horror
Release Year: 2021
Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Arjun Kapoor
Director: Pavan Kirpalani
Duration: 2 hrs 9 mins
Where to Watch: Disney+ Hotstar


Bhoot Police focuses on brothers Vibhooti and Chiraunji. The duo are babas of a kind who solve cases of ghosts and spirits with the help of their tantra and mantra. Vibhooti does not believe in ghosts and loves making money out of fooling people. While Chiraunji has a strong belief that ghosts exist. Both land a case that involves a real ghost that is dangerous. How will the duo contain it?


Both Vibhooti and Chiraunji are brothers who run the business of solving the cases of ghosts and spirits. They both make people fools with all the fake drama of tantra and mantra. In return, they make hefty amounts of money. But both Vibhooti and Chiraunji are very different from each other. The character of Vibhooti is carefree and one that does not believe in ghosts. While Chiraunji is a serious man who believes in ghosts and awaits a serious case to show his tantra vidya. They both live life through various frauds but everything changes when a woman named Maya Kulbhushan comes knocking on their doors with a serious case.

Maya has a tea plant in the hill city of Dharamshala. The workers at the tea plant do not work till nighttime because a Witch (Kichkandi) is on the loose. She has already instilled fear in each worker of the tea plant. Vibhooti and Chiraunji arrive at the tea plant with the support of their tantra vidya. However, Vibhooti does not believe in ghosts. Though with a series of new events unfolding in front of their eyes the duo sees the Kichandi from their very own set of eyes. How will the brothers overcome this complicated situation? 


Saif Ali Khan is the lone prominent actor who carries the whole film on his shoulders. He is the only positive aspect in terms of on-screen performance from the cast. The way he fits in different characters and roles is quite commendable.

The locations selected for the whole movie is perfect. The hilly areas bring a vibe of the horror story that is to come. The beautiful picturesque Dharmshala adds a different taste to the overall story. The visual effects are also on point in the movie.


The whole cast barring Saif Ali Khan and few other small characters has majorly let us down. Jacqueline Fernandez, Yami Gautam and Arjun Kapoor offer close to nothing in the whole movie, despite sharing the same amount of screen time with Saif Ali Khan.

Bhoot Police has a very confusing story throughout the whole course. The first half barely keeps the audience on their toes, while the second half offers nothing. Not even comedy or horror. On top of that, it has a very weird conclusion to the whole story. An ending that is very predictable like many  Bollywood horror movies.


Bhoot Police is barely watchable and it has nothing to offer in terms of both comedy and horror. The movie is a wasted opportunity for the horror genre. You can watch it at your own risk.

Ratings - 2.5/5


By Akash Vaishnav (Suggest Nest)


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