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The Queen's Gambit

Type: Drama, History

No. of Episodes: 7
Duration: 46 - 67 mins
Original Release: 2020
Cast: Anya Taylor Joy, Chloe Pirrie

Set in the Cold War times and based on the book written by Walter Tevis. This show revolves around Beth Harmon, an orphan, who is sent to an orphanage where she is given tranquilising pills to which she gets addicted till her adulthood. She shows a real talent for chess since a young age. Her skills grow in such a manner that she competes at the U.S open championship at the mere age of 16. Now all she can dream about is becoming the first woman to win the world chess championship. An immaculate show with rare genuinity that is should be on everyone’s watch list.

 The Queen's Gambit
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